seven things I will teach to my daughter:
1. do not let anybody take advantage of you. i don’t care if they’re your boss or your lover, no one has the right to treat you like shit.
2. you will only receive the respect you think you deserve so think highly about yourself and remember that you are worth the world and everyone ought to start treating you like it.
3. snide little comments are the how things manifest and sometimes they fester and grow into something that leaves you sick and weak and takes the air right out from your lungs. stop it while you can and protect yourself because a little wound leaves an opening for an poisonous words that can eat away at your insides.
4. sometimes people are not who you think they are. people are ever-changing and that means the person standing in front of you is not the same person you first met or the same person you spoke to last month or even the same person from five seconds ago.
5. people can be sweet but people can be vile. but you can decide who you want surrounding you. choose wisely and remember that it is okay to be selfish. it is okay to take care of yourself before anyone else.
6. time is irrelevant when it comes to who stays and who goes in your life. people change. you’ve changed. and if that means you don’t quite fall into step with the people you spent the last seven years with, then so be it.
7. but remember that you are a beautiful flower and you cannot let others destroy you. also remember that you are fierce lion and you are here to survive. you are here to live for no one but yourself.
“I  feel as if the things he says to me are emotional abuse but I don’t know how to let him go.” // k.c.w. (via dreamingtravesty)
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A un joven enamorado mi consejo de vieja enamorada también: Guarde los jugos de su corazón para uno o dos grandes amores que le beban la vida. No se desmenuce en aventuras. Cuando se dé, dése bien. Como cuando se pasa en tren, mirando cien paisajes, no se queda la gloria de ninguno de ellos estampada en las retinas. Cuando la vida se pierde en amoríos breves e insípidos se ha de llegar a la vejez sin llevar un gran recuerdo —pan deleitoso— que la llene, y la entibie, y la libre del hambre espiritual. Un grande amor es una cumbre ardida de sol. Las esencias más intensas y terribles de la vida se beben en él. El que quiso así, no pasó en vano por los caminos de los hombres. Hay algo peor que la mujer impura, y es la insípida. Húyala.
― Gabriela Mistral (via laporota)
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Isn’t it weird to think that every person you walk by has a past they may or may not be proud of and a family they might be close to or far from and a lover they’re either with or apart from and a name and a personality, and they might be having the greatest day of their life or the worst day? We probably walk past hundreds of people a day and never once stop to think what they’re going through, what their life may be like. We’re too focused on our own.
― Unknown (via ohteenscanrelate)
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